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Contact SpiritSite.com

Thank you for your interest in contacting us.  We would appreciate it if you would first read through the following frequently asked questions.  

How can I contact _____ author?

Unfortunately, SpiritSite.com is not able to forward correspondence to authors featured on our site, nor can we give out contact information for authors.  We do, however, encourage you to contact authors care of their publishers (HarperCollins, Random House, etc.).  A letter written to the author c/o their publisher will usually be forwarded.  We do know that most authors very much enjoy hearing from their readers.

Why are you presenting ____ selection instead of ____ ?

Our print and audio selections are chosen in conjunction with the publishers of the works, and may reflect current arrangements with publishers.  We do welcome new suggestions, and will consider them.

Thank you for reading our frequently asked questions.  The best method of contacting us is by email.  Our current email address is info@SpiritSite.com.  Thank you.

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