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Coaching Corner:

SpiritSite.com is pleased to feature the following Coaching Corner columns:

Learning to Live My Light (Amara Rose)
To Feel or Not to Feel (Marcia Reynolds)
Spirit Coach: Dream Job (Kathi Middendorf)
Who Is this Inner Critic? (Lea Brandenburg)
See Yourself as an Artist (Amara Rose)
Spirit Coach: Relationships (Kathi Middendorf)
Reworking Work (Vera Nicholas-Gervais)
Thou Shalt Not Should (Michael Angier)
Keep the Faith (Lorraine Cohen)
Spirit Coach: Attitude (Kathi Middendorf)
Once in a Blue Moon (Amara Rose)
Isn't All Life Coaching Spiritual? (Suzanne Selby Grenager)
Kicking the Worry Habit (Michael Angier)
Be Your Best (Caterina Rando)
Tuning In to the Signal (Diana Robinson)
Clean Out the Yuck (Michael Angier)
Get What You Want (Michael Angier)

SpiritSite.com's Coaching Corner

During the past several years, a new profession has rapidly grown in popularity: Life Coaching.

Simply put, Life Coaches work to motivate, support, and strengthen their clients in the pursuit of goals.  These goals may be of a business, a personal, or a spiritual nature.  Life Coaches often specialize in specific areas -- focusing, for example, on corporate coaching, or coaching on relationships.

We began the Coaching Corner at SpiritSite.com to provide insights from Life Coaches who have a spiritual orientation.  The columns we feature are designed to provide a "boost" to our readers' spiritual practice.  We also include contact information for the Life Coach at the end of each article, in case any reader wishes to contact that Coach directly.

It is our opinion that theory and philosophy about spiritual growth are wonderful tools.  However, there is great value in having a support network -- be it a group of friends, a Coach, a church, a meeting -- to help put these ideas into practice.  

The Coaching Corner column is designed to help in this regard.  We hope you find it to be of value.