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Joel Metzger's ONN column on SpiritSite.com features elements from ONN interviews and essays.

Below is an index of recent columns:

New: Yearning for Expression: Karen Schlick

Basic Goodness: Michael Chendler

Intuitive Marcia Emery

Singer/Songwriter Nanci Ahern

Bodywork and Shiatsu: Interviewing Saul Goodman

Joel Metzger

With his eyes on possibilities, Joel Metzger has been exploring the realms of human mind and experience for thirty years. Joel has a diverse background as a cabinetmaker, puppeteer, computer programmer, photographer -- and the survivor of a severe auto accident.  Following a miraculous recovery, he put together Online Noetic Network in 1995.  ONN publishes frequent email to members with articles about noetic topics (appreciation of life and conscious living). 

ONN column

The Online Noetic Network (ONN) is based on the understanding that our consciousness is immediate and all else is remote.  "We have been given two gifts: awareness and life," writes Joel.  "In the laboratory of feelings, we can come to know ourselves and the importance of life itself.  What becomes important when we recognize the greatness we own?"  The Online Noetic Network's site is located at www.wisdomtalk.org (site will open in a new window) .  Please feel free to visit for information about receiving the ONN emails.

Joel's newest column is "Yearning for Expression: Karen Schlick."