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"I'm starting to feel strong enough that I would like to use my art to serve."


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Joel Metzger, "Interviewing Singer/Songwriter Nanci Ahern"

ONN Joel: Nanci, please tell me about the music you create.

Nanci Ahern: Well, Joel, it's quite varied. Usually it just comes to me when I am inspired or deeply moved by something. I never quite know when that's going to be, since it rides on inspiration. And when it does come, it's like a door opens, the song comes through, and then the door closes. It tends to come through in a whole piece.

ONN Joel: Do you have a favorite theme?

Nanci Ahern: No. In fact I don't really think thematically. It's so much a part of me and a function of where I am in the moment. It's my nature to create, and so when I'm truly alive in my own nature, creativity happens. So to answer your question, no, I don't work with themes.

ONN Joel: Do you see a progression in what you say and your voice?

Nanci Ahern: Well, my voice has definitely developed and expanded as I've grown. It's become wider and more expressive. Also some of the themes, I think yes, have also expanded as I've grown. They have probably become deeper and more expressive. My lyrics have probably also developed.

ONN Joel: How do you see yourself growing? Not the future, how do you see where you have grown?

Nanci Ahern: How how do I see where I have grown? That's a hard one, because I've never sat down and analyzed it. It just happens!  I've made a bit of a leap lately. The way I have grown through the path I've been on is that I'm starting to feel strong enough that I would like to use my art to serve. I feel that I'm ready to give in that way, and help other people wake up their hearts.

ONN Joel: So you would like your singing to help others wake up and experience wakefulness.

Nanci Ahern: Yes, and I did experience that in a program I just did. Because people said that my music went straight to their hearts. It seemed to mean a great deal to them to have that being expressed.

ONN Joel: What is it in your message, what is it in your songs that might inspire wakefulness?

Nanci Ahern: Well, my music is very direct, emotionally direct. So when it gets through to people, it goes directly through on this emotional line, or seems to. So if I'm singing the blues, they're going to have that aroused in them and experience it. If Iím singing a heart-rending ballad of loss, they're going to experience that. If I'm singing something inspirational, like a song I've written about letting go of resentment, they're going to experience that. It some kind of soul connection to humanity where, as an artist, I am giving voice to their heart and soul, and the human experience that they're going through. In that way, it is a form of wakefulness.

ONN Joel: What does wakefulness mean to you?

Nanci Ahern: It means being fully present in the moment with full awareness and mindfulness of the past and present, at the same time, so that there is a feeling of spaciousness, and a feeling of being at home in the womb of time, which feels like I am fully alive because my whole being -- not just my mind, not just my heart, not just my body -- my entire body-being is there in its fullness.

ONN Joel: Do you have a spiritual practice and is that very much a part of your music?

Nanci Ahern: Yes, it's beginning to emerge in my music. As I've done each level of training, something has started to emerge in song, something specifically related to what I experienced. Now, the song itself does not necessarily talk about the training or the practice. That song could probably be sung by any other human being. But it has emerged out of the awakening that I've experienced wiith my practice.

ONN Joel: Could you play a song now?

Nanci Ahern: I could play the chorus of a song. This is called The Golden Key..

And now the door is open wide,
How did I live so long inside
This dark and lonely space?
This path is all I ask of grace.

ONN Joel: Beautiful. Thank you. Those are beautiful words.

Nanci Ahern: Thank you. Thank you very much.

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