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Suzanne's "The Art of Living" column appears monthly at SpiritSite.com.  

Below is an index of recent columns:

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Isn't All Life Coaching Spiritual?
How Do You Know It's Not Just Ego?
So Who's Ready to Shine?
I Have Nothing to Hide
Pain: The Sweet Touch of Awakening
Coming Into Our Power,
Part Three

Coming Into Our Power,
Part Two

Coming Into Our Power,
Part One

Relax? Trust? Love? Right!


Suzanne Grenager has an active practice as a life coach, and can be reached at SGrenager@aol.com.

Suzanne Selby Grenager

Life coach and writer Suzanne Selby Grenager is unusually seasoned and successful in bridging the spiritual and material worlds. Schooled at Columbia's Barnard College, she also held the NBC Scholarship at Penn's Annenberg School of Communications. Before the awakening experience of losing her best friend to cancer, Suzanne taught school in India, worked in advertising and public relations, managed a governmental department, and was an education columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Suzanne has taught yoga, meditation and self-awareness to hundreds of people in Central Pennsylvania. She was the founding Mid-Atlantic Regional leader for the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and in 1994 received Kripalu's Global Service Award for exemplary leadership. Suzanne has had a successful therapy practice in the holistic Rubenfeld Synergy Method, and now works as a life coach. She has published articles and essays, been an entrepreneur, and has a husband and two children whom she adores.

The Art of Living

"Living an authentic life, satisfying to body, mind and soul is a lot easier than we think it is," says Suzanne Grenager. "My joy comes from helping myself and others see how lovely -- how loving and lovable -- we human beings are. I am writing 'The Art of Living' to inspire us all more fully to realize, live and love from that place inside us where we are whole and holy. Thanks for joining me here, and for asking your friends, too, to take a look."

Sue's most recent column is "All Life Is Struggle."