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Selections from Brother Lawrence's The Practice of the Presence of God:

First Conversation
Second Conversation
Third Conversation
Fourth Conversation

First Letter
Second Letter
Third Letter
Fourth Letter

Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence was a monk who lived in France during the seventeenth century. His spiritual counsel was simple: throughout every day, keep an ongoing conversation with God. 

"I make it my business to rest in His holy presence," he said, "which I keep myself in by a a habitual, silent, and secret conversation with God. This often causes in me joys and raptures inwardly, and sometimes also outwardly, so great that I am forced to use means to moderate them, and prevent their appearance to others." 

Brother Lawrence's thoughts have been collected in a text titled The Practice of the Presence of God (review or buy), which is comprised of a series of "Conversations" and "Letters." His simple words and example have been an inspiration to spiritual seekers for the past several hundred years.

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