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Selections from Byron Earhart's Religious Traditions of the World: 

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

H. Byron Earhart

H. Byron Earhart is the general editor of the Religious Traditions of the World series, and is also a professor of religion at Western Michigan University.  In addition to serving as general editor of the series, he has authored the segment on "Religions of Japan: Many Traditions Within One Sacred Way."

Religious Traditions of the World

Religious Traditions of the World (review or buy) is a compendium of information on various world religions.  With over 1000 pages (complete with glossaries and study questions), Religious Traditions of the World serves as a introductory textbook on the world's religions. Sections include "Religions of Africa: Traditions in Transformation," "Religions of China: The World as a Living System," and "Islam and the Muslim Community."  Each section is written by an expert in his/her field, including many skilled professors. In the following selection, Byron Earhart introduces us to the study of the world's religions.