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Excerpted from Hands that Heal by Echo Bodine. Copyright © 2004 by Echo Bodine. Excerpted by permission of New World Library, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"I think intuition has gotten a bum rap. Many of us tend to minimize it, thinking itís some wacky womenís thing."

  Echo Bodine, Hands that Heal, Part 1

Within your body, somewhere between your heart and the middle of your body, there is a voice.

The Bible refers to this voice as the "still small voice within." This gentle voice is your intuition.

I think intuition has gotten a bum rap. Many of us tend to minimize it, thinking itís some wacky womenís thing. But the truth is both men and women have it, and it is a voice that is always there for us, wants to help us, and is 100 percent accurate when it does guide us.

How many times have you been in a very difficult situation and begged God to talk to you, to help you? You waited for a thundering voice from on high and when it didnít come, you felt abandoned. Maybe you even took it a step further and decided God wasnít there for you ó or that there was no God.

So many of us desperately want God to shout to us from the Heavens or put the writing on the wall when weíre hurting, but my minister once said (and I hated it), "God doesnít shout. God whispers. Our job when faced with a crisis is to calm ourselves, go within, and listen for the gentle voice inside."

Somehow it doesnít seem fair that when weíre all riled up and upset, we have to calm ourselves in order to hear God, but the truth is we do need to do that.

I truly believe that the soft, gentle voice inside each of us is Godís voice. Itís easy to feel abandoned when weíre upset, but truthfully, we arenít.

If you have never worked on listening to your inner voice, Iíll offer these suggestions to help you tune in to it:

ē It helps you live your life so much more easily. It cuts out half the legwork because when you ask daily for guidance, you will be given it.

ē It guides you in your work as a healer ó and in any line of work. But because we often work alone as healers, it is especially helpful to hear that inner voice. The guidance can be quite specific, such as, "Move your hands here; put your right hand over there; say this to the person; ask them this; stop the channeling; continue the channeling; have the client come back twice this week ó five times this week ó once every two weeks." This kind of guidance comes from God and is quite helpful. If we listen, itís there!

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