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Excerpted from Hands that Heal by Echo Bodine. Copyright © 2004 by Echo Bodine. Excerpted by permission of New World Library, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"I rely on my inner voice to guide me in my healing work every day."

  Echo Bodine, Hands that Heal, Part 3

One of the reasons we as healers need to develop our intuition is for our work. I rely on my inner voice to guide me in my healing work every day. It guides me in what music to play during each clientís healing session. It tells me where to place my hands, when to talk, and when to be silent. I am directed toward how long I need to channel, how long to leave a client alone after the healing, and toward how often the client needs to come, which varies from once a week, to every other week, to once a month.

Intuition has integrity. Itís not going to run a scam on people or tell them they need to come every day so you or I can get that new refrigerator! If a client needs to come every day, you will "hear" or know that intuitively, but you wonít hear it just because you want to hear it. Intuition always has the clientís best interests in mind. It knows what they need. It will also have your best interests in mind and will know how much channeling your body can handle.

The other reason we as healers need our intuition is to guide us in everyday life. Oftentimes healers are self-employed. We work by ourselves. Thereís no boss around to lay down the rules, or the hours we work, or the days we can take off. We are it!

Being in the healing business is rough. Some weeks my workload is full and steady. Other weeks, there are holes in my schedule, and as healers we canít exactly go out and solicit business. We build up a good reputation, and usually, through word of mouth, the business comes in.

Intuition helps with finances as well. Let me give you an example of how my intuition helps me in this regard. My appointment book is all booked for the week coming up. Iím out shopping on my day off. I see a pair of earrings I really want, but instead of just buying them, thinking that Iíve got a full week of clients coming so these earrings wonít hurt my budget, I ask my intuition if itís okay to buy them. If I get a yes, great! If I get a no, I listen. Iíve learned the hard way to listen to my intuition first and my wants second. It doesnít mean my clients are necessarily going to cancel, but what it does mean is that an expense may come up during the week that I donít know about yet. It doesnít necessarily mean something bad is going to happen when my intuition says no. It could mean I will find some nicer earrings along the way!

I even pay my bills by intuition (which used to drive my husband ó now ex-husband ó crazy!) I ask my intuition to show me in what order to pay the bills. Yes, I do try to get the bills in by their due date, but again, I listen to my intuition. 

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