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Selections from Sidney D. Kirkpatrick's Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Edgar Cayce

Known as the "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce was a humble man from Kentucky who went on to lead an extraordinary life. As a child, he began having visions, and though he had no idea where his powers of perception came from, he developed his gifts to help others in need. Even as he became famous for his achievements, and fell in with some of the most influential people of his day, Cayce never courted the limelight. His greatest legacy is the spiritual wisdom he brought forth.

Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet

The New York Times once ran a front-page story celebrating Edgar Cayce as "the most fascinating man in America." Although educated only through the eighth grade, he was called upon by world leaders (such as Woodrow Wilson) and prominent scientists (such as Thomas Edison) to advise them on their most pressing issues. In the definitive biography, Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet (review or buy) Sidney Kirkpatrick offers a mesmerizing, revelatory account of this legendary figure - a humble man with a radiant gift, whose life and message continue to inspire legions of followers.