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Excerpted from Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick. Copyright 2000 by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick. Excerpted by permission of Penguin Putnam, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.

"Readings were conducted for the concerned mother of Ernest Hemingway, who consulted Cayce about her son's writing career."

  Sidney D. Kirkpatrick
Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet

Part 7

Edgar Cayce's partners through the years included physicians, stock-brokers, inventors, soldiers, film producers and Texas oil-men. These men would help build the Cayce Hospital in Virginia Beach and establishing the first and only university whose faculty underwent psychic scrutiny before being hired. Despite the fact that these partnerships sometimes ended in costly and humiliating law suits, they also brought Cayce many hundreds of grateful recipients of his trance counsel. As his son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, would say, "Edgar was like an open door into another dimension. People were attracted to the light."

Master-magician Harry Houdini, having dedicated himself to exposing the fraudulent practices of hundreds of occult mediums and spiritualists, failed to debunk or explain the Cayce "phenomena," and neither did police and FBI agents who launched their own investigation as to how Edgar Cayce was able to accomplish the seemingly impossible. That Cayce didn't charge admission to witness his trance sessions, that he didn't conjure ectoplasm or summon phantom spirits in a darkened room, presented unique and entirely unfamiliar challenges. That he built no church, had no disciples, and avoided the lime-light, confounded and confused them. As novelist and psychic researcher Arthur Conan Doyle described Cayce: "He was in a class all his own."

From hundreds of pages of sensational documents, and correspondence that have never before been made public, it is now clear that such luminaries as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla had trance readings by Cayce, as did engineers at RCA, IBM, Delco, and the president and founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Inventor Mitchell Hastings credited Cayce with helping him to develop FM radio. NBC founder David Sarnoff and his family had secret readings. Remarkable technological and electronic designs provided by Cayce in trance are now used in almost every large hospital and airport in the world.

Edgar Cayce gave readings for Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and Gloria Swanson. Readings were conducted for the concerned mother of Ernest Hemingway, who consulted Cayce about her son's writing career. Marilyn Monroe practiced beauty aids that Cayce recommended in trance. Business leader Nelson Rockefeller and labor organizer George Meany availed themselves of Cayce's medical advice. Carl Laemmle of Universal Studios, Harry Goetz of Paramount Pictures, and legendary film pioneer Thomas Ince studied screenplays dictated during Cayce's trance sessions.

High ranking foreign diplomats and church leaders consulted Cayce, as did government agents and politicians who sought and obtained trance readings which they themselves privately conducted and transcribed. And though the details remain hidden, circumstantial evidence suggests that Cayce conducted psychic readings for President Woodrow Wilson, then seeking to make peace in the aftermath of the "war to end all wars." Cayce predicted the failure of prohibition, the great stock market crash, the beginning and end of two world wars, the deaths of two presidents, and made startling assertions about the second-coming of Christ and the next millennium.

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