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Selections from George Anderson's Walking in the Garden of Souls:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

George Anderson

George Anderson not only works in the United States conducting seminars, lectures, and private appointments, but has also found wide appeal in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. He has been recognized by many in religious orders, including the School Sisters of Notre Dame, and has been the only living medium invited to Holland by the surviving members of the family of Anne Frank. He has also been featured extensively in newspapers and on television

Walking in the Garden of Souls

In Walking in the Garden of Souls (review or buy), medium George Anderson shares wisdom that has come to him from souls on the other side. Our spirituality is like a garden, they tell us, and it must be tended carefully. To become beautiful, blooming examples of the Infinite Light in the garden of earth, we need space and time to grow. George Anderson walks with us through the garden, bringing an incomparable perspective to the questions we all face in our daily lives.