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Excerpted from 365 Thoughts: A Daily Guide to Uplift and Inspire Perpetual Calendar by Hugh Prather. Copyright © by Hugh Prather. Excerpted by permission of R. Brent and Company, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"A fear-free mind heals because it gives hope. Without a word spoken or withheld, it can encourage and calm."


Hugh Prather's 365 Thoughts Perpetual Calendar is being offered by the R. Brent and Co., Inc. Publishing Company.  

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  Hugh Prather, 365 Thoughts Perpetual Calendar

Nov 1: Forgive, but do not wonder how you must act. Forgive, but do not try to convince another to forgive. Forgive, but do not hold yourself superior that you have done so. Simply forgive. Wrap your forgiveness around you like a cloak of light, a spiritual barrier that protects your happiness and your peace, but closes no one out.

Nov 2: Laughter is the most beautiful sound on earth. As it rings in one heart, it resonates in all others. It is like a shower of enjoyment that falls on all things equally and refreshes each one.

Nov 3: Once, when we were quite small, we somehow knew not to let things become so real. The world danced before us because we looked at it through dancing eyes. This is still possible, you know.

Nov 4: A sure way to stay unhappy is to hold tightly to the past that we have painstakingly accumulated. One reason little children are so happy and have such boundless energy is that they have very little past to drag behind them. This allows their minds to function as designed. They process the present, which is the dwelling place of the Divine.

Nov 5: In the realm of the world, we are our childrenčs teachers, but in the realm of the Divine, they are here to teach and guide us. Today, whenever I remember, I will release my adult rigidity, and be a kid again.

Nov 6: We come into the world unencumbered by "formative experience" and free of anxiety about the implications of what has already occurred. Our first experience of this is a gift; our second experience of it must be learned, practiced, and earned.

Nov 7: When our gaze is on the present and our eyes laugh, we shine on the world we see and the light of our heart goes before us.

Nov 8: A fear-free mind heals because it gives hope. Without a word spoken or withheld, it can encourage and calm.

Nov 9: Today, begin trusting your own sense of happiness, of what makes you happy and what does not. Let this sense spread to your diet, your clothes, your relationships, your spiritual yearnings. Let it infuse your spending and saving, your health and your habitat. Sit down often and know your own heart.

Nov 10: Be single-minded. Be purposeful. Be focused. Know who you are and what you truly want. Be conscious. Be aware. Formulate your purpose into words. Etch it on your heart. Repeat it in your mind. And above all, live it and live it and live it.

Nov 11: Let the roots of your knowing deepen and expand. Water them with your patience and your clear purpose. Where is the shame in admitting that we have not yet arrived? Let the world rant about who is right, then respectfully return to your heart for the quiet answer.

Nov 12: Simply practice knowing and you will know. Practice trusting and you will have the grounds for trust. Practice your heart and you will be happy. Practice your self and you will know a self that touches all things in true peace.

Nov 13: When our heart has only one voice, we are free. As we work to know our self and become one, we stop fearing our own will because we stop doubting our own goodness.

Nov 14: We are vigilant to note every little mistake made by our partner, our friends, and everyone else who crosses our mind. Yet if we wish to see the perfection in others, we must first acknowledge the imperfections in ourselves.

Nov 15: If youčre not happy, there is one approach that cannot fail to restore your natural state of mind. Simply think along these lines about whomever is before you: "I seek your peace. I seek your happiness. What am I not giving you? What can I give you now?" But if you are happy and want to be miserable, simply make these considerations your focus: "Today I commit myself to pursuing my personal pleasure. What am I not getting? What are others withholding? What do I need to have now?"

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