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Excerpted from Wisdom from an Empty Mind by Jacob Liberman. Copyright © 2001 by Jacob Liberman. Excerpted by permission of Empty Mind Publications.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"Everything you experience is both a mirror of your own consciousness and a window unto your own potential."

  Jacob Liberman, Wisdom from an Empty Mind, Part 5

Whatís the Rush?

Have you noticed how everyone is constantly on the run? What are they running to ó or, more appropriately, running from? Sometimes when Iím in a big city, I can- not accelerate fast enough from a traffic signal to avoid someone honking their horn as a way of saying "Hurry up!" Why is everyone in such a hurry?

Today while driving, I slowed down for a pigeon in the road. In that moment, I realized that the pigeon was no different than a person crossing the street. So often our connectedness with life goes out the window when we are in a rush. Are there really any emergencies in life, or do we create them by living as though we are always in the midst of one?

Perhaps new cars should be equipped with biofeedback equipment giving us continuous readings on our stress levels. I wonder how fast we would move if we realized that our lives are being shortened by our rushing. Just as the speed of a race car determines how fast it reaches the finish line, our speed also governs how quickly we reach our finish line. How quickly would you like to be finished? Slow down, you missed your life.

Hidden Harmony

Imagine being in a state where nothing disturbs you, no matter what anyone says or does ó where your mind doesnít judge or analyze, and you feel a deep love, caring, and connectedness with all of life. In this state, the observer and the observed are no longer separate. Everything you experience is both a mirror of your own consciousness and a window unto your own potential.

We all long for this kind of harmony in our lives, but rarely experience it for more than a fleeting moment. After years of looking, trying, and experimenting, one day when I wasnít looking, trying, and experimenting, I found myself in this magical state.

Now I feel moved to share this experience that my intellect cannot perceive and my words cannot express. Language alone cannot convey the heart of the spiritual journey, so profound yet so ordinary that when one is living it, there is no inner movement toward words. Trying to describe it only takes one out of this experience, yet sitting in silence doesnít share it either.

It is time to begin an uncharted journey, not knowing where we will end up. It is not only a journey into the unknown, but into the unknowable. Iím hoping you will find this "hidden harmony" within yourself . . . There's nowhere to go... but if you keep showing up, you'll arrive.

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