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Adapted (slightly) from The Path of Prosperity by James Allen. SpiritSite.com adaptation is copyright by SpiritSite.com. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.  Please note: the "Buy the Book" link links to the original text, not the SpiritSite.com adaptation.

"There is no protection stronger than goodness, and by goodness I mean pure thought, noble inspiration, and unselfish love."

  James Allen, The Path of Prosperity, Part 1

The Secret of Success

How delightful it was, as children, to listen to the fairy tale! How eagerly we followed the fortunes of the good child, always protected from the evil actions of the witch or giant. We never doubted that the good child would triumph over his enemies, for we knew that the fairies would never leave one who had dedicated himself to the good and true.

And what joy we felt when the Fairy Queen finally scattered all the darkness and trouble, and granted the good children the complete satisfaction of all their hopes! How wonderful it was to live "happily ever after!"

As the years passed, and we became familiar with the so-called "realities" of life, our beautiful fairy-world was obliterated, and its wonderful inhabitants became memories. We considered ourselves wise to leave behind the land of childish dreams. However, as we become again as little children in the wondrous world of wisdom, we shall return to the inspiring dreams of childhood and find that they are, after all, realities.

The fairy-folk, small and nearly always invisible, who bestow health, wealth, and happiness, become immortalized in the soul of him who learns the power of thought. To him, the fairies live again as thought-people, thought-messengers, thought-powers in working harmony with the ruling Good. Those individuals who, day by day, work to harmonize their hearts with the heart of the Supreme Good, do in reality acquire true health, wealth, and happiness.

There is no protection stronger than goodness, and by goodness I mean pure thought, noble inspiration, and unselfish love. To dwell continually in good thoughts is to throw around oneself a mental atmosphere of sweetness and power which leaves its blessing upon all who come in contact with it.

As the rising sun clears away the helpless shadows, so are all the impotent forces of evil cleared away by the rays of positive thought which shine forth from a heart made strong in purity and faith.

Even physical conditions are largely determined by mental states, and to this truth the scientific world is rapidly being drawn. The old, materialistic belief that we are what our body makes us, is rapidly passing away, and is being replaced by the inspiring belief that we are superior to our body, and that our body is what we make it by the power of thought. 

Many people complain that they have worn themselves out through overwork. In the majority of such cases, the breakdown is simply the result of wasted energy. If you would secure peace of mind you must learn to work without friction. To become anxious or excited, or to worry over needless details is to invite a breakdown.

Work, whether of the brain or the body, is beneficial and health-giving, and the person who can work with a sense of calm will accomplish far more than the person who is hurried and anxious.

Order your thoughts and you will order your life. Pour the oil of tranquility upon the turbulent waters of the mind, and the tempests of misfortune will be powerless to wreck the ship of your soul. And if that ship is piloted by a cheerful faith, its course will be doubly sure.

You carry your whole life around with you, for your thoughts are the determining factors in your destiny. Send forth loving, pure and happy thoughts, and blessings will fall unto your hands. Send forth hateful, impure, and unhappy thoughts, and curses will rain down upon you. You are the maker of your fate. Every moment you are sending forth influences which make your life. Let your heart grow large and loving, and great will be your happiness. 

If your present responsibilities are distasteful to you and your heart is not in your work, nevertheless perform your duties diligently. Rest your mind in the idea that a better position and greater opportunities are waiting for you. Whatever your task may be, concentrate your whole mind upon it. Throw into it all the energy of which you are capable. The faultless completion of small tasks leads inevitably to larger tasks. See to it that you rise by steady climbing, and you will never fall. This is the secret of true power.

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