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Selections from James Faidman and Robert Frager's Essential Sufism:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

James Fadiman and Robert Frager

James Fadiman, Ph.D., is a transpersonal psychologist, author, and student of Sufism.  He is the author of Personality and Personality Growth (with Bob Frager), Health for the Whole Person, as well as the novel Shadow Dancer.  He also serves as a management consultant.  Robert Frager, Ph.D. is a founder and past President of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  He has taught psychology and religious studies at the University of California (Santa Cruz and Berkeley).  A student of Sufism for almost two decades, he is a practicing psychologist and a sixth-degree black belt in Akidio.

Essential Sufism

As Huston Smith states in his foreword, "The Sufis are the mystics of Islam.  Every upright Muslim expects to see God after death, the the Sufis are the impatient ones.  They want God now -- moment by moment, day by day, in this very life."  Essential Sufism (review or buy) provides a clear, accessible introduction to some of the gems of Sufi literature.  Drawing on poems, prayers, and essays, Drs. Frager and Fadiman explore basic questions about Sufism.