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Selections from The Way of Harmony:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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Glimpse of Enlightenment

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Jim Dreaver

Originally from New Zealand, Jim Dreaver studied English literature and politics at the University of Auckland, is an honors graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, and now makes his home in Northern California.  His work has been published in Yoga Journal, New Realities, and Science of Mind.  Jim has been lecturing and teaching workshops on the body, mind, spirit connection for more than twenty years.  Jim Dreaver will be teaching a transformational workshop at Esalen Institute, December 22-24, 2000, and at Kripalu, March 8-11, 2001. You may contact him at Jdreaver@aol.com for more information

The Way of Harmony

In The Way of Harmony (review or buy), Jim Dreaver explains that we can find inner harmony, great relationships, fulfilling work,
financial independence, and more -- by shifting the way we see ourselves and our lives. An inspirational author and speaker, Jim Dreaver outlines his unique message of healing and enlightenment, and shares specific tools for transforming our perceptions and attaining both spiritual well-being and material harmony.