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John Bradshaw

Born into a troubled family, John Bradshaw became, in his words, "a high academic achiever and an out-of-control teenager."  He completed his education in Canada, where he studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood and earned three degrees from the University of Toronto. During the past twenty years, he has worked as a faculty member at several colleges and as a gifted therapist.  Mr. Bradshaw is the author of many best-selling books on self and relationships, including Homecoming and Creating Love.  


Pioneering the idea of the "inner child," John Bradshaw's Homecoming (review or buy) became an instant success.  Based on Mr. Bradshaw's inner child workshops, the book illustrates the importance of healing one's childhood patterns, memories, and ways of relating with the people in one's life.

Creating Love

In Creating Love (review or buy), John Bradshaw provides a new way to understand our most crucial relationships. He shows us how we have been literally "entranced" by past experiences of counterfeit love, how we can break these destructive patterns, and how we can open ourselves to the soul-building work of real love.