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Excerpted from Miracles of Mind by Jane Katra and Russell Targ. Copyright © 1999 by Jane Katra and Russell Targ. Excerpted by permission of New World Library.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"A mystic might call the healing information 'universal love.'"

  Jane Katra and Russell Targ, Miracles of Mind, Part 4

Physician Larry Dossey has delineated three distinctively different "eras" of medicine, which distinguish the ways we have viewed the relationship of mind and body: physical, psychosomatic, and transpersonal. With our recognition of the nonlocal mind – our consciousness that is unconfined by either space or time – we have not entered Dossey’s third era, which recognizes the importance of mind-to-mind connections for healing. 

We are just beginning to realize the potential effects of mind both within each person and between people, for information gathering (as in remote viewing), and for information sharing in psychic and spiritual healing. Regarding the effects of our thoughts, physicist David Bohm says, "A change in meaning is a change in being." In other words, thoughts have effects in the physical world.

Because we still do not fully understand the mechanisms underlying spiritual and psychic healing, many people dismiss the possibility of their effectiveness. However, we believe that different states of nonlocal awareness allow us to access levels of information unavailable through our ordinary senses. We will see this demonstrated by the remote viewing and other psychic data reported later in this book. A mystic might call the healing information "universal love."

The practice of quieting one’s mental noise and creating coherence with a patient allows a healer’s caring intentions and state of consciousness to become an avenue of this spiritual healing. The healing is available from a distance, whenever a patient is receptive to it. A healer’s prayerful state makes available a type of "healing template," which appears to activate a patient’s own self-healing capabilities. Thus, we believe a spiritual healer interacts with a distant patient by sending or revealing a healing message, rather than healing "rays." It is actually an information transaction, involving a relationship in which need, helping intentions, and quiet minds are the important elements. 

Spiritual healing, when done in the presence of a patient, may also involve the transfer of a little-understood "vital life energy" from a healer. Such "energy healing’ is postulated to occur during other forms of psychic healing, when the healing practitioner is not distant from the patient.

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