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Selections from the King James Bible 

Selections from the Psalms:

   Psalm 23
   Psalm 29
   Psalm 61
   Psalm 100
   Psalm 142

Selections from the Book of Genesis (Story of Joseph):

   Chapter 37
   Chapter 39
   Chapter 40
   Chapter 41
   Chapter 42
   Chapter 43
   Chapter 44
   Chapter 45

The King James Bible: Old Testament

The Psalms of the King James Bible (click to buy) are among the most loved selections of spiritual poetry in the English language. 

Written in large part by King David nearly 3000 years ago, the Psalms express a devotional, often conversational spirit toward God.  "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands," cries Psalm 100.  We have selected five of the 150 psalms to share.

The Old Testament of the King James Bible stands as not only a primary religious text, but also a resplendent work of storytelling.  Throughout its many books, it captures the stories of the Hebrew people.

One of the best-loved stories is that of Joseph, who was abandoned by his brothers, captured and sold into slavery in Egypt, and eventually -- by the strength of his devotion to God -- became one of the highest rulers in the land.

The presence of God is felt profoundly throughout the Old Testament, and few turn so readily to God as did Joseph.