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Excerpted from PowerHunch! by Marcia Emery. Copyright © 2001 by Marcia Emery. Excerpted by permission of Beyond Words Publishing, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"Begin to connect these bodily sensations to messages from your mind, heart, or soul."

  Marcia Emery, PowerHunch!, Part 4


Begin now to become aware of your body's messages. Notice, for example, when your stomach feels tight or heavy, your lower back hurts, your knee feels locked in place and can't move, or your gums ache. Ask yourself what's going on at that moment or in your life. Are you facing an unsettling decision at work, in relationships, in your personal life?

Begin to connect these bodily sensations to messages from your mind, heart, or soul. This is called making the mind-body connection. Sometimes they send messages in the form of puns, as dreams often do. If my neck abruptly begins to ache, for example, I ask myself, "Who's the pain in my neck annoying me right now?"

Start noting these instances in the first section of your PowerHunch Journal (title this section "How I Tap into My PowerHunches," or any name that reflects your growing awareness of your intuition) to keep track of the correlation between these body bulletins and what's happening in your life. As you begin to become aware, you'll probably notice that you respond more quickly and appropriately.

Sensory Signals

Once you've begun to pay attention to the messages your body sends, you can begin to appreciate how your five senses reach out to receive intuitive input from sounds, sights, smells, feelings, and tastes. This isn't much of a stretch for most people. In fact, the great majority of men and women I have met through intuitive development training sessions and classes initially made contact with their intuitive voice through their extended senses.

See if you identify with one or more of these examples:

"A little voice told me to do it." Your intuition may work best through your ears: your auditory sense. Your intuition extends your hearing so you can hear what is really being said, beyond mere words.

"I see what you mean." Your intuition may work best through your eyes: your visual sense. Your intuition helps you "read between the lines" or use "X-ray vision" to see beyond the apparent into the real.

"I can put my finger on it." Your intuition may work best through your sense of touch: your tactile sense. Your intuition helps you get a "feel" for what's really going on.

"It just doesn’t smell right." Your intuition may work best through your sense of smell: your olfactory sense. Your intuition lets you "sniff out" a situation.

"I've got a real taste for it." Your intuition may work best through your taste buds: your gustatory sense. Your intuition intensifies your ability to "get a taste" for any condition.

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