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Excerpted from PowerHunch! by Marcia Emery. Copyright © 2001 by Marcia Emery. Excerpted by permission of Beyond Words Publishing, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"I had a stunning discovery of my own strong auditory nature, which I had always taken for granted."

  Marcia Emery, PowerHunch!, Part 5

Animals already live on this level. But people can do it, too! According to animal communicator Sam Louie, extending your senses can help you drive defensively, surround yourself with trustworthy people, find a safe street to walk down, and make a good choice on your career path.

My own discovery of how the senses are connected to the intuitive mind came through Jim Stark, a student in my class "Whole Brain Thinking for Managers." At the time, Jim was the circulation sales and marketing manager for Michiganís Muskegon Chronicle.

As a class project, he was interviewing businesspeople to find out how they used intuition in their decision-making activities, and he noticed that they all processed his questions differently. The listeners would tilt their head to one side as if they could hear an answer "out there." 

The visuals would squint and then look up as they saw their answer to the asked question. The feelers picked up a pen, as if the answer felt good to the touch. The sniffers unconsciously changed their breathing, as if to search for the answer that smelled right. Several tried to get a taste for it, by rolling the answer around in their mouth with their tongues before replying.

People engaged in experiential exercises seem to amplify one or another of the senses in order to retrieve intuitive information. Each person reaches inside to process the information through his or her dominant sense, and out comes the "right" response. 

I had a stunning discovery of my own strong auditory nature, which I had always taken for granted. I thought that everyone sat down and "heard" dictation while writing. Now I honor this dominant sense when I am stuck for a word or a sentence, quietly waiting until the words pour forth from my intuitive mind.

Let's walk through each of these extended senses so you begin to identify which sense is dominant for you.

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