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Excerpted from PowerHunch! by Marcia Emery. Copyright © 2001 by Marcia Emery. Excerpted by permission of Beyond Words Publishing, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"Many of the people I interviewed reported having an internal conversation with their 'intuitive voice.'"

  Marcia Emery, PowerHunch!, Part 6

Hearing. Lend Me Your Ear

If you're old enough, you may remember ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his dummy Charlie McCarthy. Charlie was always outrageous, and Bergen often said, quite seriously, "Sometimes Charlie knows things that I just donít know." Was Bergen listening to his intuitive voice speaking through Charlie?

My friend Janice told me about an unusual occurrence. She was awakened one night from a deep sleep by the ringing phone, and had a brief phone conversation with a troubled friend. The next morning, when she mentioned the midnight caller at the breakfast table, her family gave her a blank stare. No one else had heard the ringing phone! When Janice phoned her friend later that morning, she told her that she had had a crisis and considered calling her early in the morning -- but she never made the call. Janice's auditory sense pulled in a sound from the universe to alert her that someone was calling out to her.

Many of the people I interviewed reported having an internal conversation with their "intuitive voice." Author Leo Buscaglia was guided by his intuition throughout the day. In fact, he told me that everything he did came out of listening to what he needed. Hearing the message is one thing, but paying attention is what counts. He emphasized that you have to hear and heed when your inner voice tells you "That's enough routine" or "That's enough work." When we press on regardless, it may be because we simply don't hear the word "Stop."

Author Cay Randall May hears gentle, fluttering ideas going through her mind. She calls them her "butterfly thoughts" because they flit in and out. Have you ever noticed these? They can be anything on a scale from banal to profound. Sometimes they can be lifesaving. Karen had just come back from a long visit with her daughter, and she was tired. She tried to ignore nagging thoughts that she should take her car to the mechanic.

She knew there was no emergency, and really there was nothing wrong with the car. After two days, however, she started listening to her butterfly thoughts and took her car to the repair shop. The mechanic lifted the hood and immediately said, "I smell gas." Then, after looking at the engine for a moment, he said, "Who's been working on your car?" "No one," she replied. But the metal shavings he found showed that someone had filed down the throttle valve, allowing gas to escape into the car. Listening to her intuitive voice probably saved her life and the lives of others.

Hearing the intuitive voice often leads to uncharacteristic but important actions. During the fall of 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made regular visits to the antiaircraft batteries surrounding London. One evening, he turned to leave one of the sites. As usual, his driver opened the near-side car door for him. Uncharacteristically, Churchill walked around the car, opened the door on the far side, and sat down. As his car sped off into the dark, a bomb explosion lifted the car onto two wheels -- on the side Churchill normally sat on. As the car righted itself, Churchill joked, "It must have been my beef on that side that pulled it down." Later, he told his wife that something said, "Stop" before he reached the car door held open for him. That prompted him to open the door on the other side and sit down.

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