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Excerpted from recent talks given by Mary Manin Morrissey. Copyright © 2000 by Mary Manin Morrissey. Excerpted by permission of Mary Manin Morrissey and Living Enrichment Center.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"There is a place in you that is divine."

Mary Manin MorrisseyExcerpts from Recent Talks

The following segments were excerpted from recent talks given by Rev. Morrissey:


Thereís a Hindu story about God and the angels talking about the creation of the planet. Theyíre saying, "Now that weíve got the earth and weíve got the sky and the mountains and the rivers and the moon and the stars, now we will create man, so where shall we hide the truth of his being from him?"

One of them said, "Letís hide it on the highest mountain top."

"No, eventually he will learn to scale the mountains. He will find it."

"Letís take it down to the very deepest part of the ocean."

"No, donít hide it in the deepest part of the ocean. Eventually, man will learn how to go to the darkest, deepest part of the ocean. Donít hide it there."

"Well, letís hide it on the moon."

"No, eventually heíll go to the moon and get it there."

Finally they knew, all at once, exactly where to hide the truth where mankind would never look for it, that was within himself. So all of the avatars, all the great teachers, all the saints and sages of all time have said there is a place in you that is absolutely holy. There is a place in you that is absolutely pure. There is a place in you that is divine. And itís God, and the kingdom is within you.


I remember when I was a little girl, I used to love a TV program called Leave It To Beaver. Remember that? I remember this one particular episode where Beaver brought home his report card and he had a ĎDí. So he took the report card and laid it down on his dadís desk hoping his father would sign it and he could take it back to school. That afternoon Wally and Eddie Haskel were in the house and they happened to see the report card, and Eddie noticed that Beaver had a ĎDí. After Wally left the room Eddie Haskel very carefully made the ĎDí into a ĎBí.

Ward signed the card and sent it off with Beaver the next day. That evening Ward calls Beaver into his office and says, "Beaver, Iíve got to talk to you. Your teacher called today and told me she had given you a ĎDí on your report card, but when you returned it with my signature, that ĎDí had been made into a ĎBí.

Beaver says, "Well, I didnít do it, Dad."

"Beaver, that was very carefully changed from a ĎDí to a ĎBí.

"But I didnít do it, Dad."

His father says to him, "Itís bad enough to take a ĎDí and make it into a ĎBí on the report card. Itís quite another thing to lie about it. Are you going to stick with this story?"

Beaver says the most remarkable line. He says, "Gee, Dad, I guess if you only have one story, you have to stick to it."


Thereís a story about a man who hears of a man whoís very, very wise and he goes in search of that man. Takes his horse and loads it up with supplies and he goes over mountains and through valleys, and heís climbing the Himalayas to try to find this wise one thatís up in a cave. Finally he comes to the final mountain where heís been told the wise being lives at the top, and very strenuously he finally gets to the top, and says to the being seated in the cave, "Are you the wise one I have been searching for? Everyone tells me you are this wise one?"

The man comes out in the sunlight and says, "Yes, I am a wise man."

"Then tell me, how can I find wisdom?"

The man just looks at him and says, "Where is your horse?" and went back in and sat down.

Where was his horse? It was with him all along. In all his seeking, what he really wanted was with him all along, but he looked outside himself.


"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." When we as Americans hear the word "meek", we have a distorted view in our perspective of what meek means in our language. It doesnít mean door-matty, it doesnít mean afraid, it doesnít mean withheld, it doesnít mean diminished. What it means is fully flexible and teachable. The one who is meek is absolutely willing to be molded and made and shaped according to the divine pattern of their soul. One who is absolutely willing to step into the fullness of their divine nature and who wants no-thing less. Is not willing to settle for anything less. Is not willing to live in denial about where they are not alive. Who loves God, which is life, enough to pay attention to the sensitivity of life and to lean into it and to listen to it.

"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." What does "the earth" mean? Earth does not mean a terrestrial sphere in this scripture. Your earth is the body of your life. Your earth is all the circumstances, all the affairs, all the substance of your particular lifeóthat is your earth.

"Behold, I bring you a new heaven and a new earth," He said. It means that your circumstances of your life change as you align with the internal patterning that is Godís will for you. Rather than running self-will, rather than having to have it be a certain way. We learn to let go and let God; we learn what authentic surrender means. Surrender and sacrifice is always letting go of the lesser for the greater, but so often we cling to the lesser because itís all we know.

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