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Excerpted from Your Authentic Self by Ric Giardina. Copyright © 2002 by Ric Giardina. Excerpted by permission of Beyond Words Publishing.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"Your income does not come from your employer but rather Spirit/God/Higher Power uses your employer to provide you with the income you need."

  Ric Giardina, Your Authentic Self, Part 2

Let’s examine the premise that our employers are the source of our incomes. If you are ready to accept the fact that your life is a reflection of your consciousness, created by your spiritual self, then your job, as a major part of that life, is also a reflection of your consciousness created by your spiritual self. I would submit that your income does not come from your employer but rather that Spirit/God/Higher Power uses your employer to provide you with the income you need to do the work – the "good" work in the metaphysical sense – that you have come to do. 

In other words, the source of your income is Spirit, and that income comes to you not from, but through your employer. Another way to think of it is that you have chosen this particular employer to act as a conduit to pass through to you the income that Spirit is giving you. When you know this, you understand that you can easily choose another conduit. As I have pointed out, however, so many of us believe in the illusion that our paychecks come from our employers and, in that context, we feel compelled to do whatever it takes to ensure continuation of those checks – even if it means sacrificing our Life Purpose and our Authentic Selves during the workday.

Let’s say that you accept the notion that your income comes through your employer rather than from your employer. You then start asking the questions – and you don’t like the answers at all. Not one bit. What do you do then? The answer is that you make some changes.

When I say this in my workshops many people think I am suggesting that they quit their jobs and go in search of employment more in alignment with their Authentic Selves and their individual life purposes. Quitting your job may be the answer, but most probably it is not. Remember that you are in your job – this particular job – for spiritually-based reasons. It is conceivable that one of those reasons is to have you discover Spirit in every area of your life, including that seemingly banal position you may hold, or with tasks you may find boring, and with people you may find difficult or commonplace. 

If part of the plan is for you to learn to find the sacred in the ordinary, abandoning your efforts where you are to seek a "better" place will only likely cause you to recreate the same circumstances and relationships at a different location. Remember, your job, like everything else in your life, is simply a reflection of your consciousness. Choose carefully before deciding to bail out of one job situation to pursue the Holy Grail elsewhere.

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