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Excerpted from Wisdom Bowls by Meredith Young-Sowers. Copyright 2002 by Meredith Young-Sowers. Excerpted by permission of Stlilpoint Publishing.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.

"It doesn't matter if our minds wander; we can continue to bring them back to center, to the still point."

  Meredith Young-Sowers, Wisdom Bowls, Part 2

Meditating isn't a decision we make every morning. It's a practice. We show up whether we're tired or sick, rushed or unhappy. We show up and learn we have within us something that we can trust that is available when we need positive reinforcement.

There are many ways to meditate. But all of them center around quieting our thinking to allow us to focus our attention, intention, and loving energy on a single item, phrase, or spot. It doesn't matter if our minds wander; we can continue to bring them back to center, to the still point. We are learning to be fully present in the moment, by not thinking about what happened yesterday or what's coming up tomorrow. The point of meditation is to create inner balance because it reminds us that this is also the point of life.

Breath Awareness

Breathing is so natural that we forget its ability to calm and center us. Normal breathing brings oxygen to our blood and our cells while removing cellular debris and carbon dioxide. Breathing more deeply has the additional benefit of calming our minds as we exchange worry and stress for peacefulness and joy. When we remember to take several deep breaths throughout the day, while putting our hands over our heart centers, we see our daily tasks in better perspective.

Breath awareness can be used either as part of a meditation practice, while enjoying a Nature Space experience, or by itself as punctuation throughout the day, to remind us of what we're really trying to accomplish: overcoming fear and coming home to our authentic selves.

Loving Touch

Loving Touch is powerful medicine. It's the medicine of love that can be used under every circumstance and by every one of us for ourselves and the others we love. I've talked about Loving Touch in two stories in this book, my experience with my daughter Melanie and Anna's experience with her daughter Sadie. These stories demonstrate the miraculous healing power of Divine Love. Loving Touch requires nothing more than our intention to love. We can place our hands on someone, or put our hands on a picture of a person or place in the world that needs our loving attention. We can use Loving Touch with someone who needs love but wouldn't be comfortable being touched, by imagining that we're performing Loving Touch on them, and it will have similar benefits. Loving Touch is a spiritual aspirin -- an action prayer -- meant to stir love in someone's heart as well as in our own.

When working on friends or clients with Loving Touch, have them place their own hands, palms down, across the heart center, and place your hands across theirs. This preserves people's privacy and also adds their intention to the healing experience.

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