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Excerpted from Wisdom Bowls by Meredith Young-Sowers. Copyright 2002 by Meredith Young-Sowers. Excerpted by permission of Stlilpoint Publishing.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.

"Creative expression means giving ourselves the opportunity to experience our own designs without the limitations of other people's opinions and restraints."

  Meredith Young-Sowers, Wisdom Bowls, Part 3

Movement with Intention

Movement with Intention applies not only to jogging, walking, yoga, or a trip to the gym; it can be applied to any conscious movement at work or at home. The idea is to bring our personal intention to feel and act with genuine empowerment in every activity that requires us to get up and move, even for just a few steps. When at home, as we walk up the steps to put the laundry away or make the beds, we can do so with the intention that we're bringing happiness to others and thus to ourselves. Simple duties train our minds to find the benefit of doing everyday things that make our lives with others more enjoyable. When we walk into a board meeting, we can walk in with the intention that we'll be steady, powerful, and appreciative of others' efforts. When the baby cries or an older parent needs help, we can practice movement with intention as we walk with them up and down the living room or around a courtyard, feeling our power as compassion. Every time we move, we do so with the intention of holding power that is perfect for the situation in which we find ourselves at this present moment.

Creative Expression

Creative expression means giving ourselves the opportunity to experience our own designs without the limitations of other people's opinions and restraints. Rarely do we take the time to do something just for ourselves, with total abandon and with no constraints on our way of doing it. No rules or regulations need apply, and there is no one to please, including our inner critics. The point is to liberate our spirits with free-flowing energy that arises from doing something that steadies and calms us.

Creative expression as self-expression brings unlimited joy and fulfillment to our lives. For a short time, we lift the restrictions we're living under, restrictions that we've forgotten. We abandon the "right way" or the "correct way" to do something and just enjoy the process of giving ourselves totally to the experience.

Acts of creative expression can include anything that opens us up to see and enjoy things differently. Creating a nature space might mean putting several special leaves together with a pinecone and putting them on a desk or windowsill. Or it can be simply enjoying the way the wind whips through the trees and imagining that we're flying a kite higher and higher. Drawing or painting, composing music, singing, writing, or dancing according to our own special rhythm-no holds are barred.

Self-expression means shifting from mentally expressing what we think to emotionally and spiritually expressing what we feel, an experience that brings us into rhythm with our unique inner vitality. We need opportunities in life to escape the confinements of everyday chores and to fly free. When we give ourselves the opportunity to create, we feel less stressed, breathe more fully, think more positively, and generally find greater motivation to pursue our dreams.

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