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Excerpted from Your Psychic Pathway to New Beginnings by Sonia Choquette. Copyright 2002 by Sonia Choquette. Excerpted by permission of Random House, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.

"When you intentionally focus on being open to guidance, you position yourself to receive all the help from the Universe that you possibly can."

  Sonia Choquette
Your Psychic Pathway to New Beginnings
, Part 2

New beginnings are possible when you see yourself as a natural receiver of psychic guidance. When you intentionally focus on being open to guidance, you position yourself to receive all the help from the Universe that you possibly can. In fact, you are being psychically helped and influenced all the time. It happens with every "coincidence" you experience. It happens when you think of someone only to have that person call the same day, or when you spontaneously change your plans for no reason and as a result intercept a very important opportunity.

Imagine that your awareness is a natural radio receiver designed to tune in to communication from your Higher Self at all times. Establish this intention every day: "I am open to my intuition." Being open to guidance is like turning your radio on. By creating this mind-set, you allow subtle, supportive influences to enter your awareness and help you along the way.

Ask yourself:

Am I open to psychic help? Am I open to guidance? Am I willing to receive help in creating a new life?

You Are a Natural Receiver

Be open to receiving psychic guidance every day. Take this first step to enter the psychic pathway and begin to benefit right now. It will allow the Universe-including your angels, your guides, your Higher Self, and Divine Spirit-to assist you. Don't continue to do things the old way, the hard way. Do them the psychic way!

Be even more bold, more intentional, in your desire to have the Universe help you start anew. Once you are open to guidance, begin to expect it in your life. To your old way of thinking this may seem presumptuous, but once you realize that you are a natural spiritual receiver, it makes perfect sense to be psychic. You are designed to be psychic. It's natural! When you expect to receive psychic communication, you turn the dial of your awareness to a clear band of communication with your Higher Self. Your anticipation of intuitive guidance will ease you along the path to an exciting new life.

When you decide to be guided by your intuition, you place your full attention, both conscious and subconscious, directly onto your Higher Self. This decision shifts the power away from other people who are trying to run your life and places it in the hands of the Divine. You become a person who responds to life rather than one who reacts to it. This expectation of psychic guidance realigns you with Divine Spirit and the Universe at all times and attracts everything you need to succeed.

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