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Excerpted from Your Psychic Pathway to New Beginnings by Sonia Choquette. Copyright 2002 by Sonia Choquette. Excerpted by permission of Random House, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.

"Once you agree to be guided by your intuition, the next step is to clear away the outdated and unwanted influences around you."

  Sonia Choquette
Your Psychic Pathway to New Beginnings
, Part 4

Acting Anew

Imagine that you are on an expedition in a foreign land. You don't know the terrain very well and have a limited time in which to achieve your goal. Would you welcome the advice of an expert who unexpectedly volunteered to show you the most beautiful way to experience the territory and the most efficient way to accomplish your goal? Now imagine this: You are actually given that opportunity whenever you trust your Higher Self! Your experience, if you heed this guidance, will verify that it is indeed trustworthy.

Do something different: Act on your intuitive guidance! Acting on your intuition is the leap of faith that will propel you forward into the world of the extraordinary. Every time you decide to act on your intuition, you release yourself from the limited power of your ego and place the power of your life into the hands of your soul. By acting on your intuition you allow your life to be directed by a Divine source instead of your fears. When you follow your psychic sense, you enter a brand-new world, one that works to assist you in every possible way.


These four decisions shift you into the extraordinary life. Life becomes a spontaneous flow of when it is carried by the beauty of your Higher Self. If you choose to live life on the psychic pathway, you experience immediate peace and inner security.

Are you willing to live on the psychic pathway? How has your inner voice guided you today? How has your intuition helped you in your new goal or project? Have you danced with your soul yet?

Would you refuse the counsel of a master builder if you were constructing a house? Would you dismiss the help of an extraordinary healer if you were sick? Would you ignore the help of an incredible artist if you wanted to create something wonderful, especially if the advice was not only free but also accurate and helpful? Probably not. And yet it somehow seems reasonable to ignore the advice of your Higher Self, which is offered with love to help you achieve your heart's desire in the most creative, efficient, and graceful way. Allow yourself to accept such a gift. Say yes to your intuition.

Quiet Your Mind

Once you agree to be guided by your intuition, the next step is to clear away the outdated and unwanted influences around you. You cannot reach out for something new until you let go of the old. It's time to make space for healing energies to enter your life. If you want to be guided by your Higher Self, you have to quiet your mind. And the way to do that is to learn to meditate. Are you willing to meditate?

Meditation is quite simply the art of relaxing your body and quieting your mind. Training your mind to be still is like training a puppy to sit. The mind likes to jump around and needs to be told many times in a firm but friendly tone to sit still. Meditation is learning to still your thoughts for about fifteen minutes. When you quiet your mind, you break up old mental patterns, open your awareness, and allow your soul to speak to you.

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