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Selections from Steps toward Inner Peace:

The Pilgrimage
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Selections from Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words:

Growing Up
Living the Spiritual Life


Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim was a spiritual seeker who, from 1953 until 1981, walked more than 25,000 miles across the United States spreading her message: "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love." 

Carrying in her pockets her only possessions (a toothbrush, pen and paper, and a few other items), she walked until given shelter and fasted until given food. She talked with people along the way, discussing peace within and without.

As she described it, her pilgrimage covered the entire peace picture: peace among nations, groups, individuals, and the very important inner peace. She believed that world peace would come when enough people attain inner peace. 

Peace Pilgrim was, and is, an inspiration to the millions of people who have been touched by her example.  Her words survive in a small pamphlet called Steps to Inner Peace (click to order) and a larger compilation titled Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (click to buy).