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Selections from Stephen and Ondrea Levine's Embracing the Beloved:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Selections from Stephen Levine's A Gradual Awakening:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

You may also listen to the following Stephen Levine audio selections:

A Year to Live

Stephen and Ondrea Levine

Stephen and Ondrea Levine are internationally known speakers and writers on spirituality, relationships, and issues of death and dying.  In addition to his work with the terminally ill, Stephen Levine is also an accomplished poet.  Stephen and Ondrea Levine have counseled terminally ill people and their families for over thirty years.

Embracing the Beloved

In Embracing the Beloved (review or buy), Stephen and Ondrea Levine share wisdom from their years of relationship-oriented spiritual work. In the book, they share the idea of embracing the Beloved -- an experience of reaching "deeper and deeper levels of being."  This is a book not so much about romantic relationships as about expanding into a spiritual relationship with all life.

A Gradual Awakening

A Gradual Awakening (review or buy), written in 1979, has endured as a popular book on meditation, spiritual growth, and the development of concentration and awareness.  Drawing on his background with Vipassana meditation, Stephen Levine provides insights into the process of training the mind and expanding the spirit.