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Excerpted from Blessings from the Other Side by Sylvia Browne. Copyright 2000 by Sylvia Browne. Excerpted by permission of Penguin Putnam, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.

"When I grieve, there's not a moment when I'm grieving for the loved one I've lost. I'm grieving for me."

  Sylvia BrowneBlessings from the Other Side, Part 3

If you suspect that your loved one might want or need some trained help with what they're going through-a minister, a rabbi, a counselor, a medical doctor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a support group-track down and talk to some viable candidates for them before you even broach the subject. Again, you're dealing with someone who's in pure survival mode, who's performing even the most basic functions purely by rote. Suggesting, "You should find someone objective to talk to," is likely to sound as overwhelming to them as suggesting, "It's such a nice afternoon, why don't you run out and scale Mount Everest?" On the other hand, saying, "Here are the names and numbers of some people who'd love to help if you need them," makes it much easier for them to pick up the phone. Then let it be their decision, not yours. Take it from someone who's been working with grieving clients for almost half a century, it's okay if they're reluctant or skeptical and if you need to hold them by the hand to get them there, but ultimately they can only get meaningful help if they take the first step across the threshold by their own choice.

There's no question, riding the dark horse of grief with someone you love isn't easy. But sadly, it's a challenge you're almost guaranteed to face in this lifetime. And even more sadly, it's just as likely that you're going to be that grieving loved one sooner or later, and anyone who's been through it will agree with me, I'm sure, that it's the hardest challenge of all.

Surviving Your Own Grief

As I mentioned earlier, there are those who find it odd that I grieve at all, since I should be spiritual enough and psychic enough to know better. Does my grief mean I privately question the reality of The Other Side and the eternal lives of our spirits? Absolutely not. I don't just believe, I know those are simple, sacred truths. Even at my most decimated, my devout spirituality never waivers for an instant. As for my psychic gifts, yes, it is a fact that I have seen and heard thousands upon thousands of spirits and Angels in my lifetime, and that will continue until the day I go Home and live among them again. I've made countless astral trips to The Other Side and helped countless clients travel there as well, so I can guarantee that it's as real as, or even more real than, this earth we're visiting now.

Make no mistake about it, when I grieve, there's not a moment when I'm grieving for the loved one I've lost. I'm grieving for me. I'm grieving because I miss Daddy and my Grandma Ada and my dear friends, and I'm selfish enough to want them here with me, despite all the undeniable proof I have that they're still alive.

Even though only three short feet separate us from Home, as we discuss in the chapter on "Contacting The Other Side," earth and Home are two different dimensions with two different vibrational levels, theirs much higher than ours. Like most psychics and mediums, I was born with the ability to perceive that higher vibration. I can see and hear spirits on other levels, both ghosts who have left our level but haven't completed their transition to The Other Side yet and the many more transcended spirits who have. I've never kept count, but I can safely guess that I've seen and communicated with hundreds of thousands of them in my sixty-four years of this lifetime, as well as thousands of "normal" clients who have had encounters with spirits on those other levels.

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