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Excerpted from Your Sacred Self by Wayne Dyer. Copyright 1996 by Wayne Dyer. Excerpted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.  HTML and web pages copyright by SpiritSite.com.

"This invisible intelligence is in everything and it is everywhere."

Wayne Dyer, Your Sacred Self, Part 4

A Unique Look At Your Life

The starting point to your sacred quest is understanding that the universe and our participation in it are not haphazard things.

Intelligence flows through everything in the universe, and has had many names. It causes the planets to orbit, the galaxies to stay in place, the seedlings to sprout, the flowers to open and you, yes you, to breathe and walk and think.

This invisible intelligence is in everything and it is everywhere. You cannot hold it or see it or smell it. But you know that it is there.

Outer energy, which controls matter and the physical world, is finite. This means that there is only so much oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. There is nowhere to go for more of these when we run out of them. All of the physical trace elements, identified by scientists and studied by schoolchildren everywhere on the planet, are finite.

Everything in our manifested world is made of these elements that exist in a finite amount. I like to think of all of our physical material as continually being recycled. Since we only have so much of this "stuff," it must constantly be put back into use when it changes from one "thing" to another "thing."

The drop of iron that is in your blood today is a part of the total iron supply. Obviously it was someplace else before you were conceived. Fifteen million years ago it might have been part of an iron ore deposit in Afghanistan. Today it is part of the outer energy that is you.

And so it is with all of the physical particles in the universe. A finite supply, continually being recycled. Material particles in one form, going back into the earth, and recycled as something else. Like one particle of magnesium from a sword showing up later in the femur of a panther.

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