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For the past twenty years, author and therapist Dan Joseph has been writing the Quiet Mind newsletter. Articles in the newsletter focus on practical approaches to spiritual and personal growth. If you'd like to subscribe to the free quarterly newsletter, you can click here.

The Spiritual Path is a new book that features ten articles from the Quiet Mind newsletter along with Q&A's that relate to the articles.

Below are links to the full text of Dan's books and several past articles from the Quiet Mind newsletter.

Changing our mindset to a more peaceful consciousness doens't have to be done in a "big leap." Sometimes small steps are best.

The process of self-acceptance can be aided by identifying specific inhibiting thoughts, and making a shift.

We can practice seeing a second, spiritual world even as we perceive the familiar sights and sounds around us.

We can clear away the soot that dims our inner light from our awareness. This articles explores one common form of interference.

The "story telling" mind stitches together narratives all day. We can quiet this activity and allow the "wise mind" to emerge.

We can replace the inner critic who sits on the throne of the mind. It will yield to a new benevolent ruler.

This book, originally published in 2002, outlines a three-step process designed to help us access a sense of inner peace.

This book features past articles from the Quiet Mind newsletter, along with question and answers related to the articles.

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