Health and Healing Books

The following excerpts are from some of the most popular health and healing books on our site. These books focus on the process of inner healing – on a spiritual, emotional, or psychological level.

Louise Hay is an author, minister, and publisher whose books have touched millions of lives. In the 1970s, after several years of counseling work, Ms. Hay compiled a reference guide outlining the mental components of many physical ailments. In her work, Ms. Hay develops a philosophy of healing that rests on a few core principles: "Every thought we think is creating our future... We must release the past and forgive everyone... We much be willing to begin to learn to love ourselves."

Bernie Siegel, M.D., is a surgeon and author. His first book, Love, Medicine and Miracles, was considered a landmark commentary on the process of healing. During his medical career, Dr. Bernie Siegel has practiced surgery in New Haven and has taught at Yale University. In 1978, he started ECaP (Exceptional Cancer Patients), a form of individual and group therapy for recovering patients. His work supports the idea that unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system.

David Burns, M.D. is a leader in cognitive behavioral therapy methods. He graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College, and received his M.D. degree from Stanford University School of Medicine. He currently teaches at Stanford University. In his work, he shows how our thoughts and actions contribute to our feelings – and shares dozens of practical methods for changing our emotional state by shifting the way we think and act.

Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. is a psychiatrist and founder of the Centers for Attitudinal Healing – an organization that provides emotional support for individuals dealing with illness and other challenges. In his books, he teaches that love is the very essence of our being, a force that we can use to transform our lives. He draws upon the Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing which are the foundation of his work with children and adults.

Agnes Sanford was born in 1897, and is viewed as one of the most prominent spiritual healers of the twentieth century. Her first book, The Healing Light, established her as a leading lay healer and minister within the Christian church. In The Healing Light, Ms. Agnes Sanford outlines her experiences with the healing power of God. Ms. Sanford compares the power of God to the power of electricity – "the whole universe is full of it, but only the amount of it that flows through...will work."

Joel Goldsmith was one of the most inspired spiritual healers and Christian mystics of the 20th century. For many years, Mr. Goldsmith devoted himself to silently praying with people and writing about the insights he received. By the end of his life, he had prayed with – and assisted in the healing of – thousands of people. Joel teaches that God is present within us, and that we need simply open ourselves to that Presence.

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